Let's face it: A lot of people were bored during the pandemic.  Some picked up new hobbies and others started to watch more television shows.  Damon Zomer from Sioux Falls was one of those people who binged-watched TV shows, especially Family Feud.

Apparently, Damon watched the popular game show so much that he actually sent an application for his family to be part of the program. His application was funny and "corny," which sold the producers at Family Feud. Damon never thought in a million years that his family would be on national television.

Damon went from being a commercial airline pilot stuck at his home in Florida during COVID to being on national television.  Talk about a crazy trip for this Sioux Falls family.

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Our friends at Pigeon605 have exclusive insight on how The Zomer family landed the gig on Family Feud. Surprisingly, this might not have happened because Damon missed the first email he received from the show! Thankfully, the show followed up with another email a few months later. Damon did not ignore this one.

Damon immediately told his family in Sioux Falls, but they weren't buying it.  "I think they kind of wondered if it was a scam,” said Damon to Pigeon605. Damon and his agreed to do the interview for the show over Zoom and the family made it.

The Family Feud told Damon that 2,500 families auditioned and less than 300 actually made the cut.  What's even more surprising? The Zomers are one of the few families from South Dakota to be featured on Family Feud.  “They told us it’s pretty rare to get people from the Dakotas on the show because typically they’d hold auditions in person in bigger cities around the country, and you’d go and audition in person, but that actually benefited us with the whole COVID thing because we didn’t have to do that,” explained Damon.

Pigeon605 (with permission)
Pigeon605 (with permission)

The Zomer family really stood out from the rest! Damon's parents, Dale and Myra, and his sister and brother-in-law, Cierra and Matt Triplett, made the trip to Atlanta where the show was taped during the pandemic. Even Baby Evelyn was an extra member on the team became part of the family a little early.

While they can't disclose any information about the upcoming episode, you can watch The Zomer family on Thursday, September 30th at 4 PM. Pigeon605 is reporting that The South Dakota Military Heritage Alliance is planning to hold a watch party for all the action!

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