It's always fun to sit and joke about a possible Brett Favre return to the NFL. Recently there has been discussion about Favre returning to the NFL but this time as a general manager.

Let's pump the brake real fast on this one.. If any NFL team actually considers this and start negotiations with Favre about running their team, the whole staff deserves to be fired.

First of all, the fact that Favre could never decide if he was going to retire or not should be a giant red flag because that shows a complete lack of decision making ability.

Secondly, not all former stars make for great front office personnel. Look at the NBA for example, Isiah Thomas couldn't run an AAU basketball team, let alone an NBA franchise. Micheal Jordan drafted Kwame Brown, enough said. 

Just because he made a career off making it up as he goes, doesn't mean that everyone can and mostly probably shouldn't.

Lastly, sorry but it has to be brought up.

Do you really want a GM that has a history of a sexting scandal? Guilty or not a big deal to some, who cares but the point is that he might not be able to stay out of the negative spotlight in certain areas of his life. That's a risk of a lot of negative publicity I wouldn't want my team to gamble on.

I grew up loving Favre, he's one of the most exciting players to ever play. But he needs to stay retired and not tarnish his gun-slinging reputation anymore than he already has.

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