We all love Amazon and probably put a few too many things in our cart that we don't really need, right? If you use Amazon frequently and have an Amazon Prime account, be on the lookout for this scam that just slid into my email inbox!

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Kit L.
Kit L.

I received an email Wednesday morning, while working in my office in Minnesota! I got an email in my work inbox, which was the first sign this was a scam. If I had an Amazon Prime account, I definitely wouldn't use my work email.

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Nonetheless, the email looked legitimate, aside from the fact it was addressed to me at work. It had a pretty cover photo at the top and was from an email that appeared normal without any random numbers or letters. The email domain was 'services-vendor.com' for future reference, which didn't seem too questionable.

It said the following, along with small print at the bottom with 'rules and regulations' when it came to what they were trying to sell me:

Dear Amazon Customer,


For a limited time only: use an Amazon Gift Card to purchase anything on Amazon and get 25% off your entire order!

The fact that it isn't addressed to me but to an 'Amazon customer' was the second red flag, along with the fact that in the graphic at the top they had a misspelled word as well. There was a link to click to take you to the fake gift card sale, which is obviously an attempt at phishing.

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It also had two links in the top right corner, one leading you to your Amazon account and another taking you to deals on the website. These didn't stick out as red flags but overall, the email as a whole had some weird typos.

Be on the lookout for a scam like this, as it did seem pretty legitimate at first until I started staring at it and finding some small errors. If you go to Amazon, you will see there is no mention of a gift card sale. You can also visit their scams page to see if an email you get like this is real or a fake. Be careful out there!

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