I'm not sure how it happened but somewhere along the way we Baby Boomers put some significant age on our bones.

What exactly is a Baby Boomer? Well, I've seen a variety of definitions through the years, but the one I remember most is those of us who arrived on the planet between 1946 and 1964 (give or take a few years I suppose).

I do a fair amount of writing. In fact, my musician/singer friend Terry Pospisil and I write a bunch together and he released an album not long ago of songs we wrote.

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I find myself writing about the, ah, old days. I wrote this not long ago and wonder how many of the references you 'Baby Boomers' can identify with...

Do you recall when the times seemed a little more tender

When the morning broke brighter and the news seemed a little less hard

Back on the farm when the summers were warm, I remember

Mowing the base path's and playing baseball in the yard

Back in those days when Gilligan got lost in his boat

When everyone loved what McCartney and Lennon had wrote

When Wally liked Eddie and Lucy loved Desi

And Betty taught us all how to bake

Miss Kitty and Dillon were winkin' and willin'

I wish it was back to those days

Back in those days when Otis was drunk in his cell

When Lassie fetched Mama 'cause Timmy fell down in the well

When Herman loved Lillie and Waylon liked Willie

And Billy taught us all how to pray

Gil Favor and Rowdy, a Doodie named Howdy

I wish it was back in those days

Back in those days when Camelot was more than a dream

When Armstrong went walkin' and we couldn't believe what we'd seen

When Lambchop loved Sherri and Dino like Jerry

And Perry won every case

When Maris and Mantle were too hot to handle

I wish it was back in those days

Back in those days when TV was pure black and white

And we trusted Walter to bring us the news every night

When Tommy loved Dickey and Nixon was tricky

And Ricky made the girls faint away

When Bamm Bamm liked Pebbles and Dean was a rebel

I wish it was back in those days

I'm thinkin' there's at least a couple or three that bring a smile to your face. Maybe most of them, maybe all.

If so, yep...you are a Baby Boomer.

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