Families across South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota celebrated all dads, uncles, grandfathers, and father figures on Father's Day this past Sunday.

Our Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken took some time to relax with his own family for Father's Day. But one gift from his wife Jill caught him by surprise.

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Normally, fathers receive a sentimental gift from the family that highlights their best memories together. But this "thoughtful gift" shows a memory that our Sioux Falls Mayor wishes to forget.

Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken might have the best Father's Day gift in town thanks to his wife!

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Call this a Father's Day gift or prank...the First Lady of Sioux Falls gave Mayor Paul a gift he will always remember. It's a commemorative golf ball that recognizes an epic eagle shot on Hole 12 at the Sutton Bay Golf Course in Agar, South Dakota.The surprise of this gift? This major golf shot was done by Mayor Paul's wife!

Thank you for the incredible Father’s Day gift, Jill. Your thoughtfulness knows no end.

Ha! I can understand this loving gift from Jill. If I was able to defeat my husband (who's a professional golfer) on a difficult hole, I would probably have the same idea.

Sioux Falls residents seem to be on Jill's side!

Such a thoughtful gift from your wife😂

That’s hilarious but seriously Happy Father's Day!

You are one lucky guy!!! And the “Kirkland” ball has me dying

A forever reminder that women do it right the first time 

You have to laugh at this Father's Day present!

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