A once prosperous Minnesota town was almost entirely wiped off the map in a relatively short period. But what happened to turn this quiet community into a North Star State Ghost Town?

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Welcome to Finland, Minnesota

Credit: Stringer Media via YouTube
Credit: Stringer Media via YouTube

Finland is an unincorporated town in Lake County, Minnesota, just off the shores of Lake Superior.

While Finland still exists, it's a shadow of what it once was. The reason? In short, the end of the Cold War.

According to Realtor.com, there are over 43 abandoned homes in Finland. The main reason behind the vacancies is the closing of a nearby Airbase that was once used to detect potential threats from the former Soviet Union.

The collection of 43 single-family residences includes a variety of three- and four-bedroom homes scattered throughout the property. Each has a single-stall garage.

Over the years, the vacant site has had some challenges, and the structures range from shambles to moderate disrepair.

-Realtor Website


Unfortunately, after years of abandonment, the area has seen significant vandalism and graffiti. Despite this, the potential to turn a profit off these properties cannot be denied. In fact, it's up for sale right now.

To learn more about Finland and to watch the video, check out the YouTube link below.

Story Source: Realtor Website

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