The Sioux Falls Fire Rescue team is always ready to save the day in a time of need. But over the weekend, Sioux Falls Fire Rescue went above and beyond to save a giant Sioux Falls monster.

Duty calls! Members of Rescue Crew 8 stumbled upon an unusual rescue mission on the Sioux Falls streets. A massive reptile needed a little extra assistance to get off the road.

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Warning: Don't try this at home! Leave it to the professionals.

Over the weekend, Rescue Crew 8 of the Sioux Falls Fire Rescue found a large snapping turtle on the road. One of the crew members took a risk by physically moving the snapping turtle to a safer area.

This snapping turtle was a decent size! It could have been a serious road hazard if it wasn't moved. And snapping turtles could be dangerous if you aren't careful.

Snapping turtles are pretty common in the Sioux Empire. They can even be found in polluted waters and urban wetlands. Snapping turtles are mainly located around the eastern United States to the Rocky Mountains, from southern Canada to the Gulf of Mexico, and into Central America.

It's not a surprise the Sioux Falls Fire Rescue found this snapper in the evening. They are nocturnal, meaning they are mostly found at night.

This brave Sioux Falls Fire Rescue member did the dangerous job of moving the snapping turtle. But these snappers have sharp claws! It's best to use gloves if you have to move snapping turtles.

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