North Dakota is known for many things, but did you know that our state got a lot of special attention for an incident that occurred back in the year 2000.

A TV Special

While trying to find something to put on as background noise while I tried to fall asleep, I stumbled upon a show that mentioned North Dakota a lot.

It was called "Mysterious Worlds." In this particular episode I was watching, it detailed a series of events that took place just days apart.

Crop circles started appearing across North Dakota.

Crop Circle # 1

The first reported circle was in Langdon, North Dakota.

It was spotted by a crop sprayer, Kevin Boe. According to the source, the second crop circle was west of Langdon. It was in a field that belonged to a man named Randy Bata.


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Crop Circle # 2

In July of that year, the second crop circle was found. Robert Ullyott reported a strange formation in his wheat field, according to

Take a look!


Crop Circle # 3

Just a month later, in August of 2000, another crop circle was reported in that area. The crop circles were two miles southwest of Randy Bata's circles, according to the source.


Interestingly enough, all of these crop circles formed a straight line.

MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) was contacted about the incident and a researcher looked into. Nothing has been formally published on their findings.

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Years Later

Years after the Langdon incident, in summer of 2005, another crop circle was reported in Grand Forks County.

In Northwood, North Dakota, five bubble shaped were seen in a field near the Municipal (Vince) Airport.


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Storm and destruction photos.

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