Ever wish that you could have an endless stream of your favorite beer?  Careful what you wish for!  This guy found out that maybe that's not the best thing.

An employee at Back Channel Brewing Company in Spring Park was going about his normal business when something went terribly wrong.  The fermentation vessel suddenly springs a major leak, blasting the guy and throwing him backwards and to the floor.

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The whole thing was captured on the surveillance camera there in the building.  Thanks to that, we all get to enjoy the moment.  The employee was not hurt...well except maybe his ego was a little hurt.

The best beer of the weekend is now on tap.

It’s limited 😉

Cheers to @beard.and_butter for the entertainment and the delicious IPA.

Coincidentally the beer is called "Blow Back"!   No word on if the beer was named before or after this incident.  The brewery brilliantly used the surveillance video as a way to promote the "limited release...obviously", as they humorously put it.  The employee is tagged in the post as @beard.and_butter.  He also add to the comments saying this:

I had to get a sneak peak of how good the beer tasted

Good to see him commenting and embracing the humor of the whole situation! Also, very good to know that he was not hurt.

Some of the comments from folks enjoying the fun:

Bro drank about seven pints before he hit the floor

Can you make the moment it burst in his face and blew him back into a t-shirt? That would be awesome.

If you want to get a taste of "Blow Back", Back Channel Brewing is located at 4787 Shoreline Drive in Spring Park, MN.

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