ESPN broadcaster and former Duke guard Jay Bilas joined Jeff Thurn on Monday's edition of Overtime.

Bilas (@JayBilas) is currently an ESPN broadcaster and analyst. Before joining broadcasting, he was a four-time starter at Duke. He amassed 1,062 career points in 127 career games played for the Blue Devils.

Thurn asks Bilas if there is a team to compare Kentucky with? 

"Yeah I think if you went back a long ways. The last one that you could probably do that with is Kentucky in 1996. But on a relative basis, UCLA's team in the 70's, late 60's were this dominant. Things like that. I can't remember a team certainly there's no team in the one and done era that is like this. That goes 10-deep and has this kind of size across the spectrum because it's not just their big guys. Their guards are 6'6" with 6'9" wingspans. They're really long armed and athletic and they don't pick a dip when they go to the bench. It's extraordinary, really."

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David Banks/Getty Images
David Banks/Getty Images