Packers fans, step back and take the emotion out of this. If you look at this from a business and football standpoint, it makes sense.

Let's face it and just acknowledge that Jordy's time as a solid number one option for the Packers ended some time ago. If it weren't for Rodgers throwing him open the past couple of seasons, his numbers would likely be much worse.

By cutting Nelson, the Packers are saving $10.2 million in salary cap and will likely only have to pay Graham around $6 or $7 million a year (hopefully).

Jordy's value the past couple of seasons has almost solely come from being Rodgers go to man in the redzone. However, Adams chipped away at Nelson's targets even when Rodgers was on the field.

Green Bay finally made a decision that wasn't based on a hometown hero, they went with a younger, bigger, stronger and more dangerous redzone threat. A threat they won't have to pay 12 million a year to have on the roster.

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