We all know the NFL stands for National Football League, but at times, it can stand for "not for long".

In the case of Kyle Long, that was the situation this week as he didn't last very long in his return to the game before being injured.

Long had joined the Kansas City Chiefs this offseason as he tried to make a NFL comeback but injured his knee this week at mandatory mini camp.

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The Kansas City Chiefs are hoping that he can return by the start of the regular season as he is a part of their revamped offensive line.

Kansas City is hoping that the new offensive line can get them back over the hump and protect Patrick Mahomes as they try to win another Super Bowl.

For Kansas City's sake, I sure hope they do get Long back in time for the regular season so they can be at their best as they try to defend their AFC title.

If you would like more information on the Kansas City Chiefs, their roster and more news surrounding Kyle Long's injury, you can visit their website.

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