If you hadn't heard, Chris Paul was traded to the Rockets on Wednesday so that the Clippers got something before he opted-out of his final year and left town. 

As I scrolled through Twitter today, I saw something that was absolutely ridiculous and completely asinine given the current NBA situations. 

A "quitter"? Are you kidding me Bill Plaschke? After all the super team talk, after all the drama with LeBron in 2011, after all the drama with KD last season and after all the drama with Paul George this season, you're going to call Chris Paul a quitter?

You're going to tell me that the Clippers have as much chance to win as the Houston rockets in a few years? Not a chance Bill Plaschke, go kick rocks for that one.

There's no one on the Clippers roster that deserves what they're getting paid other than Paul. There's no one on that roster that's remotely close to being as talented as James Harden on that roster.

Instead of bashing Paul, this is what people should be saying:

Kudos to you Mr. State Farm, kudos for not publicly bashing the poor play around you, kudos to you Chris Paul for putting up with an injury prone bum like Blake Griffin.

Kudos to you Mr. Paul for being complacent with the second highest player on your team only being able to rebound and block shots, kudos to you CP3 for not bashing an organization that pays Austin Rivers 11 million a year, major kudos to you sir for leading a team like that while being not as athletically gifted and undersized compared to the rest of the top NBA players.


Paul now get's to join a top 10 player in Houston and given how connected he is with players throughout the league, I would bet he's not going down alone. So to everyone that's hating on Chris Paul... go kick rocks. He put his time in and everybody else is doing too, so either get onboard or be left behind at this point.


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