Did you know that every time you buy a membership, or a ticket for a day at the zoo, you are helping to protect the animals of our natural world?

It's absolutely true! Whether you're helping to support the conservation efforts of the Great Plains Zoo, supporting the special events, or simply meeting the health and diet needs of the zoo residents, every dollar supports a Sioux Falls treasure and the animals it cares for.

Did you know that the Great Plains Zoo has partnered with conservation biologist Dr. Jeff Muntifering, to prevent the extinction of the Black Rhino in Namibia, Africa?

The Great Plains Zoo currently has 3 rare Black Rhinos and is involved in a breeding program to try and assure that our world doesn't lose this species permanently.

Did you know the Zoo's newly renovated Black Bear exhibit is having its grand re-opening?

Friday morning at 8:30 A.M. the event begins with a ribbon-cutting, then, Mayor Paul Ten Haken and Great Plains Zoo President & CEO Becky Dewitz will comment on this wonderful renovation and the mission of the zoo.

What is new about the Black Bear exhibit?

First of all, you'll be able to see them better. Then safety for both the bears and staff has been updated as has the environmental system, along with -

Larger dens, and updated climbing structures and landscaping for a more diverse living environment for our three black bears - Charles, Jenny, and Marshmallow. - Denise DePaolo/Public Relations Director


The Great Plains Zoo is all about "conservation, education & discovery"! So if any of those goals interest you. Get to the zoo now!
We are excited to have our bears in their new home. This project was developed with the aim of providing our animals the highest quality care for their wellness.The habitat was designed to meet the species-specific needs of our black bears, as well as their whole - life needs. Our Animal Care and Veterinary staff were involved in the design process to ensure that the habitat was built to give the animals a complex living environment, as well as a safe and efficient working environment for our staff who are dedicated to giving our animals the best care possible- Becky Dewitz/Presiden & CEO

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