I take it all back. I take it all back. Kirk Cousins isn't only great, he's the greatest Vikings quarterback of all time. Scratch that, he's the greatest quarterback of all time.

After sucking like a spring breaker doing tequila shots for the first four weeks of the season, Cousins has looked like a quarterback who actually knows what he's doing. He's played like Peyton Manning in his MVP years with the Colts for the last two weeks. And two weeks is all it takes in the NFL to proclaim that someone is the greatest of all time, or the GOAT, if you will.

I'm now comfortable with saying that Tom Brady is not the GOAT anymore. Without question, Kirk Cousins is the GOAT. I know, Brady has like 19 Super Bowl rings and thrown for a billion yards, or something like that, but he's never looked as good as Cousins in the last two weeks.

The NFL should just cancel the rest of the season right now and hand the Vikings the Lombardi trophy.

You Like That


Or maybe he won't be the GOAT and he'll be a goat and s*** the bed again when they play his former team, the Redskins, on Thursday night.


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