Nothing is normal about the 2020 Fall Football season but we may have some sort of normalcy by the end of October.

You can add the Mid American Conference as the lastest to throw their name in the hat for a potential 2020 Fall Football season.

The MAC will vote on Friday on whether or not to hold a Fall season that would most likely begin on October 24, which is the same day the Big 10 decided to return last week.

The MAC was the first FBS conference to shut down Fall sports and postpone them to the Spring back in August which was followed by others including the Mountain West, Big 10, and Pac-12.

This week, we will see not only the MAC vote on a decision for Fall sports but also the Pac-12 and Mountain West will make a decision as well.

It appears as if the Mountain West and MAC will be targeting that October 24 date while the Pac-12 is looking at a start date of October 31.

It is also going to be interesting to see how many games each conference will play as many reports are pegging 6 as the magic number.

Regardless of when they will start, it seems by reading the reports from the writers who specifically cover these conferences that a YES vote will be the norm with fall football returning for those conferences in October.

If that does come true, it will be a great day for college football fans who at one point in August were unsure whether they would see any football this Fall.

For more information on the Mid American Conference and their upcoming decision, you can visit their website.

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