First, San Francisco Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner drank four beers at once, then, he polished off five simultaneously, so was there ever a doubt he'd do six?

Bumgarner, who collected NLCS MVP honors after the Giants wrapped up their victory over the Cardinals, continued his postgame tradition when he drank a half dozen beers at the same time.

The Giants will square off against the Royals in the World Series, which begs several question: if San Francisco wins will Bumgarner drink seven beers? Will the stadium have enough beer to quench his thirst? Will he check into AA in the offseason?

Of course, Bumgarner isn't actually drinking all of the beer, since a good deal of it is being sprayed in other directions. Fox Sports' Katie Nolan decided to show what exactly drinking six beers looks like. That's civic journalism at its finest.

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