So far over the last calendar year, we've seen Marshawn Lynch be somewhat vocal behind the scenes on his disapproval of his contract, we've seen Marshawn Lynch's mom call out the Seahawks offensive coordinator and now we've seen Marshawn Lynch's agent call one of his teammates.

On Sunday, Marshawn Lynch's agent called out Russell Wilson during the game asking that he "pull your head out of your..." via Twitter.

His agent, Doug Hendrickson has since has deleted the tweet, but CBS Sports was able to obtain it before it was deleted.

There is no real shock value here with Marshawn Lynch or anyone he is associated with, but the telling thing here is that Russell Wilson doesn't walk on water as once thought by many.

He has flaws and the way he started that game last night vs. the Cardinals showed that the Seahawks can be beat at home and defenses can get to Wilson.

The Seahawks would go on to lose to the Cardinals 39-32 and fall to 4-5 on the season.

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