Former Minnesota Vikings/Baltimore Ravens center Matt Birk joined Jeff Thurn on Thursday's edition of Overtime.

Birk is a 15-year NFL veteran that played for Minnesota and Baltimore. He retired last year after winning the Super Bowl with the Ravens.

Birk on his book, "All-Pro Wisdom: the Seven Choices that Lead to Greatness."

"When I played football, I realized greatness is not winning a Super Bowl, or being on the radio, or being a CEO with a bunch of money. Those things are achievement. Greatness is being the person you are supposed to be. I think everyone admits they can do better, be better, wakes up and be better than I was yesterday, but that's the what, and they don't necessary know the how. "Seven Choices" provides a framework for the how. How to get there. Katherine Mitchell has a great quote, 'Be a who you ought to be, and then you can set your world on fire.' So, this a prequel to a lot of books that are out there on the marketplace and this some seven choices you can make, you have to make before you out and do anything else."


Birk on attending the Metrodome's last game:

"It was a little emotional for me. It was only stadium I've ever known. People want to talk about Yankee Stadium, or Wrigley, well that's it, that's my stadium. When I was six years old, my dad loaded up the station wagon, and took a bunch of neighborhood kids for my birthday party and went to the Twins game. It was like the coolest thing ever! Twins, Vikings, Gopher football, Final Four, Super Bowl, monster truck rallies. I mean it's amazing how many things have been hosted there. You will never see another building like that, ever."

To hear more of Birk's interview with Thurn, listen below:

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