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Cure Kids Cancer
Cure Kids Cancer

Cure Kids Cancer Radiothon and Townsquare Media Sioux Falls

Cure Kids Cancer Radiothon 2022 Presented By Jerry's Auto Sales: Sept 29 and 30

For fifteen years Result-Townsquare Media Sioux Falls has been helping raise money to help fight childhood cancer.

Sadly, more than 11,000 children will be diagnosed with various forms of cancer this year. Instead of being able to just be a kid, these children will be learning about the serious experiences of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and hospital or clinic visits.

The money raised through Dining for Kids and the 2022 Cure Kids Cancer Radiothon stays in the Sioux Falls area.

On April 22, 2021, Harper was diagnosed with kidney cancer. She went through
chemotherapy, radiation, and a surgery to remove an ovary in hopes of protecting

future fertility should she want to be a mom.

After 6 months of treatment, Harper rang the bell - she was in remission and could start

going back to doing the things all 7 year old girls love to do.

Three months later, Harper went in for her routine scans to make sure her body was still
cancer free. Unfortunately, this scan showed the opposite. Harper's cancer had returned,

this time in spots on her lungs.

Harper is now undergoing a more intense chemotherapy regimen and has already done
radiation since her relapse. This time, her chemotherapy treatments wipe her body of so
much that even the normal bacteria in her mouth can put her in the hospital for several
days. While it's tough, Harper and her family know that she's strong and will beat cancer

once and for all!

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