Whether it's an attempt to get back a bit of trade value, or if they truly want to keep him, the Minnesota Timberwolves are apparently shooting down offers for Jimmy Butler.

The drama with Butler and the Wolves began last year with reports of the locker room not clicking. Butler and Timberwolves star Karl Anthony-Towns apparently don't get along and Butler has been reported to be "sick of the nonchalant attitude of Towns"

Earlier this week it appeared that the Timberwolves-Butler relationship would soon be coming to an end when Butler demanded a trade.

So we would all expect the Timberwolves to shop him immediately and take the best offer that's on the table. That doesn't appear to be much of the case right now. Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that the Timberwolves are intending on not trading Butler because of his elite player status.

By Butler demanding a trade, the amount of negotiation power that the Timberwolves had significantly decreased. It would make sense that this could buy some more time and get some trade value increased before the season begins.

Minnesota may attempt to put their foot down and have Butler play the season for them, but it's a guarantee that he will leave the team next offseason. Doing this could fracture the locker room even more and the Wolves would be left with nothing in return if he just walks.

The rollercoaster ride has just begun. Buckle up now.

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