Some legendary Twins players are coming back to Target Field this week as the American League Divisional Series comes to Minneapolis. The Twins announced that 4 former players will be participating in the ceremonial first pitch, and the former players that they are bringing back represent some of the best Twins teams in their history here in Minnesota.

The Minnesota Twins are making their fans in the land of 10,000 'rakes' rather excited, at least for those of us who remember those championship teams from the 80s and 90s.

Heck, even those teams from the early 2000s made an impression on many baseball fans, especially those who are near my age of 37.

That's why I love the Twins' decisions to bring back Johan Santana and Joe Mauer for the first pitch in today's game, and then in Game 4, the Twins will have Dan Gladden and Gary Gaetti throwing and catching the first pitch.

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It is really hard for most professional sports organizations, especially here in Minnesota, to advance in the playoffs so when the team and organization make an effort to bring fans of all ages together by sharing these moments.

Two of those four players named are players that I remember playing the game growing up as a Twins fan, as well as two players who produced World Championships in 1987 and 1991.

I remember sitting in our basement or at a friend's during the summertime watching Santana pitch and getting frustrated by Mauer as he always took the first pitch for a strike.

I'll leave you with a thought, if the Twins beat the Astros this week, will the Twins bring back the Mauer sideburns giveaway if they advance to the ALCS? Asking for a friend.

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