With the conclusion of the 2020 regular season, opponents for the 2021 season are now set. Minnesota will host strong market teams like Pittsburgh and Dallas next season.

As we have detailed multiple times before, the NFL has used a schedule rotation since 2002 that automatically sets opponents for both home and road games. Each division plays another within its conference (AFC/AFC, NFC/NFC), and then another division in the other conference (AFC/NFC). The final two "common opponent" games are determined by the final division standings and are played against the opponents who finished in the same position (1/1, 2/2, 3/3, 4/4) within the same conference that is not the division being played in full that season. Common opponent home and away games are also on their own two-year cycle.

In 2021, the Minnesota Vikings and the rest of the NFC North will play against the AFC North and the NFC West. By virtue of finishing third in the NFC North in 2020, Minnesota will host Dallas (third in NFC East) and travel to Carolina (third in NFC South) to fill the common opponents part of the schedule.

If the NFL is to enact the 17-game schedule, the league has already announced that the opponent will come from the other conference with an opponent that finishes in the same division spot. If the NFL does move to the 17-game schedule, Minnesota would be set to play the LA Chargers (third in AFC West), Houston Texans (third in AFC South), or the New England Patriots (third in AFC East). Which specific divisions would be lined up has not been determined at this time, nor has the home/away for these games. More information should be announced later this offseason.

That all being said, the Minnesota Vikings will have a strong home slate that features some of the most popular teams in the NFL in 2021. Along with Dallas, Minnesota is scheduled to host Pittsburgh (first time since 2005 with the 2013 home game played in London), Cleveland, Seattle, and the LA Rams.

Road games for the Vikings in 2021 include trips to Baltimore, Cincinnati, Arizona, San Francisco, and Carolina.

Minnesota Vikings 2021 Opponents


  • Chicago
  • Detroit
  • Green Bay
  • Cleveland
  • Pittsburgh
  • LA Rams
  • Seattle
  • Dallas


  • Chicago
  • Detroit
  • Green Bay
  • Baltimore
  • Cincinnati
  • Arizona
  • San Francisco
  • Carolina

TBD: 17th game against the LA Chargers, New England Patriots, or Houston Texans.

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