Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson has asked to be traded. ESPN's Bill Barnwell found a way to get him to the Minnesota Vikings. Would you make the deal?

Barnwell put together 17 trade scenarios that would take Watson elsewhere, and one included the Vikings. He then ranked the list from 1 (most likely) to 17 (least likely) to happen. Minnesota, by the way, was placed 10th on his list.

So what would it take for Watson to come to Minnesota? Barnwell's scenario also involves the New England Patriots as a third piece of the puzzle, and the Vikings trading Kirk Cousins to New England as part of the deal.

  • Vikings Trade: 2021 First Round (14), 2021 Third Round (90), 2022 First Round, 2023 First Round (All to Texans), QB Kirk Cousins (New England)
  • Texans Trade: 2023 Fourth Round Pick, QB Deshaun Watson (All to Vikings)
  • Patriots Trade: 2022 Fifth Round pick, 2023 Fifth Round pick, QB Jarrett Stidham (All to Texans)

Minnesota would get Watson, and for 2021 it would actually free up about $11 million in salary-cap space. After 2021 however, the salary cap space would become even tighter than what Cousins' has had on the books due to Watson's contract extension that he signed in Houston. While dealing with the money situation in the future, this would also give the Vikings an opportunity to have what many people consider a true game-changing elite level quarterback.

New England would receive Cousins after going 25-21-1 with the Vikings and throwing for 12,166 yards, 91 touchdowns, and 29 interceptions.

The Texans would be able to hit the reset button with multiple first-round selections over three years and some chances to add depth with multiple middle-round selections.

Would it be too much to give up on the Vikings' end? Would Watson provide more than enough to make the deal worth it?

If you were the GM, would you make the deal? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook.

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