NEW YORK (AP) — In addition to “Play ball!” and “Yer Out!”, big league umpires will be heard saying “Overturned!” and “Upheld!” for the first time this season.

Major League Baseball said Friday that umpires will conduct in-park announcements during the replay reviews this season. The decision was delayed two seasons because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We discussed the possibility of doing this with the umpires during their most recent CBA negotiation,” MLB executive vice president Morgan Sword said, “and then COVID got in the way our planning. We finally were able this year to give them the appropriate training and get everybody ready for opening day.”

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A crew chief will have a wireless microphone and first announce the call being challenged and which team initiated the challenge. After the review, the crew chief will announce the result.

Audio will go over ballpark public-address systems and be made available to broadcasters.


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