Every year people make realistic and unrealistic New Years resolutions and it's a practice I never get involved in... Until now.

As a ESPN Radio host on ESPN 99.1 in Sioux Falls, I feel like I owe it to my listeners to come up with some New Years resolutions.

1.  I will be nicer to Cordarrelle Patterson the kick returner, but not Cordarrelle Patterson the wide receiver. I am still bewildered how this guy was a first round pick at wide receiver as the concerns that were there when he was drafted about his route running and understanding a complex NFL offense are still there.  Yet, he has continued to get better on the special teams and I will give him more credit for it in 2017.

2.  I will watch more soccer in 2017.  This one is a prime example of practicing what I preach. I encourage all my listeners to get outside their comfort zone on so many levels and soccer is out of my comfort zone in a sense.  I used to have a dislike for the sport and that has gone away, but I still don't watch as much soccer as I probably should.  So MLS, EPL and World Cup qualifying, here I come.

3.  I will figure out the difference between verse and versus because apparently, at least according to my listeners, I don't know the difference.

4.  We will take more calls on my radio show this year.  We already take a lot of calls and the interaction over the years has only grown, but this year we are going to take it to another level.  We will get creative on more ways to interact with the listeners, but I'm calling on all of you to bring even more in 2017.

5.  I will stop calling out as many trolls on twitter for only being followed by their parents and some spam accounts while they try to act like they know sports more than those in the business. I will be nicer to these trolls in 2017.

6.  I will no longer doubt any team that Aaron Rodgers is QB for even if the team isn't that good.  The 2016 Packers are a prime example.  A team that overall talent wise is probably the third best in the division wins the division once again because #12 is their QB.  I have never doubted the ability of the greatest Packers QB ever, but no longer in 2017 will I doubt the team as well with him at the helm.

These hopefully will make a better 2017 for me and my listeners.  Cheers!

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