Currently, many people around the country have found themselves watching more movies than ever as we are encouraged to stay home.

Some of the classics are getting rewatched, some new releases are becoming hits and some movies are being discovered for the first time.

I have come up with my "Top 5 Sports Movies That You May Have Never Seen"

1. BASEketball - as a kid I used to go over to Lewis Drug in Sioux Falls, SD and rent movies for $1 per movie. They usually wouldn't rent rated R movies to kids but I got lucky one day when a teenager was working the counter and I was able to rent this movie and I am so glad I did. What a riot... Two dudes take basketball and baseball and combine it into one sport with goofy rules and all kinds of crazy antics. A must see!

2.  Semi-Pro - I love Will Ferrell and this may be one of the movies of his that you missed. Taking us back in time to a Semi-Pro league with all the shenanigans you would expect.

3.  Love and Basketball - I once had a girlfriend that loved this movie and we watched it over and over and over again. And either I really liked her or it was actually a pretty good movie because it never got old.  This was my first introduction to Omar Epps and this movie combines basketball, love, and drama all into one good flick.

4.  The Phenom - the classic story of a Major League pitcher who can't find his old stuff and is sent down to the Minor Leagues.  That is where it goes from a story you've heard before to a story that has many twists and turns along the way including father issues and a psychologist who tries to get him back on the right track personally and professionally.

5. Hoop Dreams - this is a great documentary about basketball, race relations, dreams, hard work and more.  I first watched this as a kid and didn't realize at the time how important the message and storyline was but after rewatching it recently, it certainly holds a lot of important messages all while


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