The city of Sioux Falls knows all about the NBA G League and the Sioux Falls Skyforce, but the rest of the basketball world has become more acquainted with the NBA feeder league as they continue to make headlines.

Over the last couple of years, the NBA G League has been developing and implementing their G League Ignite team to allow prospects to forgo college and make a salary while developing for the NBA.

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Last year was the first year the G League Ignite team played and now they are back in the headlines for one of their latest additions.

The league announced on Friday that a junior in high school is signing with the Ignite team.

Five-star point guard Sterling "Scoot" Henderson will join the team next season and even though he won't be draft-eligible the following year, he will be the first example of a potential path for others to follow.

The thinking from the G League continues to be that these additions will continue to build the brand and be a continued option for prospects instead of the traditional college route.

Henderson will graduate early from high school before joining the team, which is a requirement from the NBA G League.

It will be interesting to see with the impending changes to name, image, and likeness rule from the NCAA if it will change the desire for prospects to continue to entertain the G League.

For more information on players in the NBA G-League, upcoming schedules, and news surrounding the league, you can visit their website.

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