The Los Angeles Lakers have signed their top star for two more years. On Wednesday LeBron James said no to free agency and will play in LA at least for two more years. The contract is worth $85 million. This will take James to age 38 and give him 20 playing seasons in the NBA.

Curious to know what his paycheck will be for the next two years? Hang on to yourself. According to ESPN, James will rake-in $39.2 million in 2020-21, $41,180,544 in 2021-22 and $44,474,988 in 2022-23. His career earnings from his NBA contracts will approach $435 million by the end of the extension.

Not to be overshadowed, another big name in hoops made headlines late Wednesday as Russell Westbrook will now be wearing a Washington Wizards uniform. The trade sends John Wall and the first-round draft picks to the Houston Rockets for Westbrook.

ESPN reported that there's hope the exchange of guards will play a role in convincing the two franchise shooting guards on each team, Washington's Bradley Beal and Houston's James Harden, to want to stay long term with their teams.

Still, some big money floating in this trade as Westbrook has $133 million over three seasons remaining on his contract while Wall still can expect $132 million.

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