From comparing teams to Pop-Tarts to some random Minnesota Vikings poetry, teams around the NFL got a little creative in revealing schedules for the 2019 season.

Wednesday (April 17) wasn't an ordinary NFL schedule release. Teams on social media made it a competition of sorts to have the best schedule reveal. Some teams like the Minnesota Vikings took a more scholastic approach to it.

Okay then.

The LA Chargers decided to make an entire thread that was dedicated to comparing the teams that they are playing to different Pop-Tart flavors. They did this before the schedule was actually released.

Probably my personal favorite schedule reveal came from the Carolina Panthers. They incorporated a bunch of different video games from my childhood into the schedule. Games from Sonic to WWF No Mercy all make an appearance.

The Arizona Cardinals went with a movie trailer that didn't feature the quarterback that they drafted in the first round in last year's NFL Draft...Hmm.

Then there's the Atlanta Falcons. Atlanta went with a topical conversation with a Game of Thrones style video, but it features the ultimate troll job on one of its division rivals. In the reveal, the game they play in New Orleans is shown with a ram running over a marching band member with an official that pops up to make the "incomplete call."

And now that the standard has been set, I can't wait to see what teams decide to do next year.

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