Green Bay and Detroit play on Monday night. Minnesota and Chicago are on a bye week. Say hello to a wide open NFL Sunday schedule.

Last week we had a chance to see some teams that we typically don't in Sioux Falls with the Vikings playing in London and the Packers on a bye. This week is a similar story as Green Bay and Detroit are playing each other on Monday and the other two members of the NFC North are on a bye week. This has led to a majority of the Sunday games being shown to be lead network games.

CBS will have this week's doubleheader with the two games being shown locally being the two lead games they have. The early window will feature the Broncos/Eagles game, which is also being shown in a majority of the country, while the late afternoon game will be the Chiefs/Cowboys game that will be nationwide.

FOX this week is in an interesting spot with just a single game. Three games are being played in the 12:00 window, while another two are set in the 3:05 spot. KTTW/FOX will go will the lead FOX broadcast this week which is the Falcons/Panthers game. Interesting enough, Sioux City has elected for the Redskins/Seahawks 3:05 game. That might be changed by Sunday.

If you’re ever curious about which games will be shown in the area, there are a couple of places you can find listings. First, my personal favorite, NFL distribution maps are put out by the staff at 506Sports. KTTW and KELO-TV also both list the scheduled games on their respective webpages. As a reminder, all games are subject to change (but rarely do).

Here are the games that will be shown in Sioux Falls for the NFL Week 9:

  • Thursday Night, 7:25: Buffalo @ New York Jets (NFL Network)
  • Sunday, 12:00: Denver @ Philadelphia (CBS)
  • Sunday, 12:00: Atlanta @ Carolina (FOX)
  • Sunday, 3:25: Kansas City @ Dallas (CBS)
  • Sunday, 7:30: Oakland @ Miami (NBC)
  • Monday, 7:30: Detroit @ Green Bay (ESPN)

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