Finally, logical Packers fans can rejoice to the thought of Green Bay having both a new general manager and defensive coordinator next season. Something I've hoped for the past five years.

When the news first broke on Twitter, I was more excited than anyone by the thought of the Packers having new decision makers.

But as the days continue and the more that comes out in Green Bay, I've become somewhat concerned with whether the Packers are actually moving on from Thompson.

Ted Thompson served as the GM for the past 13 seasons but he has since "stepped down" and will be a senior adviser to football operations now. Hopefully that means exactly what his title is... JUST AN ADVISER.

I hope for the sake of the Packers and for the sake of Aaron Rodgers' legacy, that Thompson doesn't have any say in the Packers future going forward.

While it's not fair to say the lack of success in Green Bay is all his fault.. his piece of the pie is definitely the biggest.

Little free agent investments the past couple seasons has shown more and more as the Packers have gotten older. The draft and develop mentality has definitely not payed off for years, however, he never let that mentality go.

So far the Packers have made four great moves to be successful going forward: new GM, new defensive coordinator, Davante Adams' four-year $58 million deal, Corey Linsley's three-year $25.5 million deal.

The next step for the Packers must be renegotiating contracts with Clay Matthews ($11.3 million), Randall Cobb ($12.7 million) and Jordy Nelson (12.5 million). If no deal can be made, I hate to say it but Green Bay must look at cutting two of them to pursue free agents this offseason.

Then they have to go out and sign defensive players then sign some more defensive players and then sign some more defensive players in hopes to make a Super Bowl run while Rodgers is still at the top.

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