The Green Bay Packers are the No.1 seed in the NFC and have this weekend off with a bye, but next week in their Divisional Round game at Lambeau Field something will be much different than it has been all season long.

Green Bay announced on Friday that they would be allowing up to 6,000 fans in Lambeau Field for their first playoff game.

The fans who will be allowed to purchase tickets are the fans who opted in to their season tickets back in the Summer which according to Packers officials was only around 20% of season ticket holders.

Green Bay hasn't had fans all year other than the last few games in which some first responders and family members were allowed to attend.

The Green Bay Packers will play the lowest seed to advance from the "Super Wild Card Weekend" after completing the season with a 13-3 record.

For more information on the Green Bay Packers, their policy on fans and their upcoming playoff game, you can visit their website.


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