KFAN's Paul Allen joined Jeff Thurn on Friday's edition of Overtime.

Allen (@PAkfanvikes) is the voice of the Minnesota Vikings on KFAN.

Thurn asks Allen if the Vikings did better this year in the first round, or last year?

"I can't answer that until they play. Specifically, Anthony Barr. You came in last year with Shariff Floyd, Xavier Rhodes, and Cordarrelle Patterson, and it was a very unique season for all of them. Specially, Cordarrelle and Xavier, who were okay early and really, really good late. Now, with Barr, he will play a lot, and Teddy Bridgewater may not play any. So, it's really tough to determine."

Allen on if he is excited for Bridgewater as the team's future at quarterback?

"It was predictable to me that they would move into the first round to me to get a quarterback because of the fifth-year option rule (on Christian Ponder), and it's not a bad thing to have that extra year with a first round pick, and by the way, at the end of that, if you still want to mess with that, you can franchise the individual. So, for a team that has been quarterback needy for a little while, pretty much since 2009 with Brett Favre, it made sense they did what they did. With Bridgewater, I'm okay with him. I was okay with Johnny Manziel. Really, I wasn't in love with any quarterback in this draft. Yesterday, I was hoping to find a way for Bridgewater at the end of the first round, and they did. But if they didn't and waited until round three to take somebody say, Tom Savage from Pitt, I would have okay with that. Now, this is Ponder's (probably) final year on the team. They did not pick up his fifth-year option, they drafted a quarterback in the first round this year, they signed Matt Cassel for two years, and Christian's been uneven. So, with all due respect to Christian, it's pretty easy to predict he won't be on the team next year which means even after taking Bridgewater this year at 32, I expect the team to draft a quarterback again next year. Then, have Cassel, and a couple of young quarterbacks, and open the new stadium in 2016.

Minnesota took Barr at No. 9 and Bridgewater at No. 32 this year.

To listen to more of Allen's interview with Thurn, listen below:

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