New York City is the center of the MLB world right now.

ESPN 99.1′s own, Jeff Thurn is cover the final game of the Twins/Yankees series and then is off to cover the 2013 MLB All Star Festivities from CITI Field.

We will have photo galleries posted daily from Jeff’s trip to give you the most in depth look at the festivities, coverage and New York City itself.

Also, Jeff Thurn will be hosting his show LIVE from NYC on Tuesday July 16th.  You can listen on ESPN 99.1, on the Radio Pup Ap or check out for the LIVESTREAM.


  • YES Network

    The guys getting setup for the YES Network TV Broadcast of the Twins and Yankees at Yankee Stadium

  • On Set

    On set of a commercial for Dolce & Gabbana in NYC

  • Pressbox

    PressBox at Yankee Stadium

  • Serious

    Trying to keep it real serious.. Tough for me to do.

  • NYPD

    NYPD Station in Time Square

  • New York Pie

    My first experience with New York Pizza.  What great pizza at Bella Vita in Time Square.

  • New York Mountain Dew

    New York apparently stamps it Mountain Dew too. Gota represent!

  • TIme Square

    The hussle and bussle of Time Square

  • FSN Setup

    FSN Setup for Twins Broadcast v. the Yankees

  • Yankee Stadium

    Yankee Stadium after the Twins beat the Yankees

  • Yankee Stadium Outfield

    Yankee Stadium prior to the Twins/Yankees game.

  • Yankee Stadium Outside

    Outside Yankee Stadium