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Less than a week after the delayed Daytona 500 comes another race that won't have quite as much horsepower, but it will transform those winter blues into a Saturday-filled good time.


You could say, over generations, one persons idea of fun is another's idea of entertainment, for all. Oh so true on a winter day in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

One of the smallest communities in the state, Nemo will be hosting its 18th Annual Nemo 500 Outhouse Race & Chili Cook Off this Saturday, February 24.


If you look at past races, to enter the Nemo 500 Outhouse Race your privy must adhere to the following rules:

  • Outhouses can only be human powered
  • Outhouses must be a minimum of 9 square feet
  • Outhouses must have 4 walls, roof, doorway and a seat
  • Outhouses must have at least one hole.

Really? Racing an outhouse? Of all the outdoor winter events this season, you won't find an event that can hold a candle to this one.



And, since you're drawing people out of their cabin-fever-funk, it would be a good idea to feed them with a Chili Cook Off.

Black Hills Badlands
Black Hills Badlands

The kids can participate too with their Shovel Races.


All this fun on the last Saturday of February benefits the local NAJA Shrine Children's Transportation Fund.

Not sure if this is a qualifier for the World Championship Outhouse Races in Virginia City, Nevada.


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