Temperatures are cooling down in South Dakota, I guess that happens this time of year. But while the temps are still mild, now would be a great time to get your vehicle ready for winter.

AAA has some great recommendations to help your vehicle tackle another South Dakota winter:

      • Battery and Charging System Check-Up - Make sure your car starts in cold weather.
      • Battery Cables - Replace damaged cables and clean corroded terminals.
      • Drive Belts - Belts should be replaced every 60,000 miles.  Don't let a $20 part leave you stranded.
      • Engine Hoses - Again, don't let a $20 leave you on the side of the road.
      • Tire Types and Tread - AAA recommends winter tires.
      • Tire Pressure - Cold temps cause tire pressures to drop, check them frequently.
      • Air Filter - A clean air filter helps your car run at top efficiency.
      • Coolant Levels - Coolant prevents and protects your engine from heat and also severe cold.
      • Lights - You have to see where you are going and have other people see you.
      • Wiper Blades - Blades should wipe clean without streaking.
      • Washer Fluid - Use fluid that won't freeze.
      • Brakes - Braking distances increase on slippery roads.
      • Transmissions, Brake, and Power Steering Fluids - Top them off.
      • Emergency Road Kit
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