People say that pictures are worth 1,000 words. To that, I caption the above photo with something that all Packers fans are asking themselves "What the hell Ted Thompson".

Look everyone knows what Green Bay needed to get over the hump next season, but now that's unlikely to happen and it's not even frustrating anymore. Green Bay has had the most talented quarterback to ever play the game and wasted him because they're greedy.

Ted Thompson and Mark Murphy needed to put their damn egos aside this offseason and go pay a couple of big free agents, but they've made it clear that they A) are too greedy and arrogant to sell out for the rest of Aaron Rodgers career and B) think so arrogantly of themselves that they can fix the many holes with their "great" and "home-run" draft picks.

I don't have a problem letting 267 pound back Lacy or old timer Peppers walk in free agency, but letting Lang and Hyde go might be two of the worst moves I've seen from the Packers front office in a long time. 

Lang was the general in charge of protecting Mr. Rodgers' neighborhood last season and there is absolutely no reasonable replacement to fill those shoes now. Hyde was never an all-pro player or irreplaceable but he's been a great versatile player in Green Bay for a long time and with how crappy the Packers secondary is, they should've kept him. 

Green Bay did go out and get Martellus Bennett, which will be a great option at tight end the next couple seasons. However, ignoring cornerback and middle linebacker are going to continue to keep the Packers out of the big game.

Either way the organization should be embarrassed by the lack of success considering the weapons at their disposal and Rodgers should write a huge screw you letter to Ted Thompson. 

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