There isn't another quarterback in the NFL that has a strong enough arm to make this throw while rolling out, on the move and in that tight of a window. The guy is absolutely amazing.. but only when he turns it on. 

There's a lot of people that think that Rodgers doesn't look as good as he normally does and they wonder if he's lost a step. He hasn't, but he is doing something I hate.

If you ask me, Rodgers has gotten into a pattern this season of coming out of the game slow, lazy and arrogant. Almost like he's going through the motions because he knows how good he is. It's similar to what LeBron seems to do in the beginning of certain games, he knows he can flat out dominate... so he coasts for awhile.  

In the first half of all three games this season, Rodgers is 33 of 55 for 60%, thrown for 311 yards, has one touchdown to three interceptions, has been sacked 10 times and has a rating of 59%.

The fact that Rodgers has thrown three interception in three games is proof enough to show he's starting disconnect from the game. But not just three interceptions, three interceptions that were both off target and lazy reads on Rodgers part. He overthrew Allison so bad that it looked like Desmond Trufant was the receiver.

However, in the second half of these same games (including OT) Rodgers is 56 for 79 for 70.8%, has 584 yards, has five touchdowns and 0 interceptions, has only been sacked three times and has a rating of 116.6.

The definition of "night and day difference" has been found ladies and gentleman. In Rodgers defense, Green Bay comes out and plays a lot more of an uptempo offense and that seems to help Rodgers get into his zone quickly.

Maybe it's time that the Packers try running an uptempo offense with some quick routes to start the game. Image the game Rodgers would likely put together then.

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