Reports are now saying that Russel Wilson will in fact be departing his long-time home with the Seattle Seahawks. While some New Orleans fans hoped to see Wilson end up with the Saints, he will seemingly not be touting the Black & Gold next season.

The NFL's top quarterbacks have been making major moves today.

After the news broke that Aaron Rodgers would remain with the Green Bay Packers, that was one more QB off of the list of potential free agents that the Saints could take a look at. One other name that had been tossed around over recent months was Russel Wilson.

But for any members of the #WhoDatNation that were tantalized by the idea of Russel Wilson wearing Black & Gold, those dreams now seem to be dust in the wind.

Russel Wilson Being Traded to the Denver Broncos

See the report from @TomPelissero on Twitter below.

More on the move below.

More on who the Seahawks will be getting in exchange for Wilson below via @AdamSchefter on Twitter.

It is certainly a monster deal between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos. Denver is having to give away quite a bit of assets in order to get Wilson. @ByLukeJohnson on Twitter wonders if Saints fans would've been willing to give up as much as the Broncos did to get Russel Wilson down in the Big Easy.

Now Saints fans are left wondering which quarterback is going to lead the offense next season. See what the options are looking like via @ByLukeJohnson on Twitter here.

What Do New Orleans Saints Fans Want?

As more teams solidify their QB position, Saints fans are making their voices heard on social media. See what they had to say via Twitter below.

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