All Vikings fans feel like they've probably lost years off their life today after upsetting the Buffalo Bills in OT, winning 33-30, but does it feel GOOD to be on the winning side of things for a change? Today may have been the game of the season and as a long time Vikings fan I could not be more happy for our boys.

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Does anyone else feel like this year is almost the exact opposite of last year. Last year it felt like we were finding each and every way to lose the game and we did. This year, we are somehow, some way finding any way possible to bring the WIN home! 8 and 1 BABY!!

Minnesota Vikings v Buffalo Bills
Photo by Isaiah Vazquez/Getty Images

Now I know, haters have been hating on our team, not giving them any real respect, because our wins haven't been pretty. Nor, as some have argued, have we played really decent teams (not my opinion). Pretty sure after a win against the NOW 6-3 Buffalo Bills, we might get a little respect. But be honest, as a Vikings fan you have probably been a little skeptical as well.

Regardless, our team is getting things done and one of the best things that made today special was Dalvin Cook's longest run of his career that turned into a TOUCHDOWN

that brought us back to life in the game, where we were struggle bussing!

Then you have the one hand catch by Justin Jefferson,

Are you

Then there was the fumble that resulted in a TOUCHDOWN by the defense where I am sure about every Vikings fan, like myself, about lost it in disbelief, that it happened to US!

Minnesota Vikings v Buffalo Bills
Photo by Isaiah Vazquez/Getty Images

The win over the Buffalo Bills may not have been the prettiest win, but it (in my opinion) should put some actual respect on our name finally. I'll be honest, I've had my doubts, waiting to see when the shoe would drop, but these guys have HEART and keep fighting even when everyone else has given up on the game.

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