The South Dakota High School Activities Association met on Friday (March 27) to discuss the future of spring sports and state basketball.

All South Dakota high school events are currently on hold due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic around the world. The SDHSAA met on Friday morning to discuss the future of the 2019-2020 sports season.

With school currently suspended through May 1, the spring sports calendar will rely heavily on that date. If schools are pushed back further than May 4, spring sports for the season would be canceled according to the meeting. If school is able to return, the SDHSAA has placed tentative dates in which spring sports championships could take place.

Also as part of the discussion, the SDHSAA updated the status of state basketball and visual arts. Basketball and visual arts are usually grouped together, and both were scheduled to be held in the middle of March. As of today, they are still on hold.

The directors noted that they have the facilities and potential dates for basketball and visual arts to be held. If the tournaments take place they would be held the week of June 15-20. The venues were not disclosed during the meeting.

Being that the tournaments would take place during the summer, the SDHSAA clarified that graduating seniors would be able to participate in the tournaments as long as they don't practice or workout with the college programs the student is joining.

The Board of Directors did not move to confirm the dates or times of the events as of today. Instead, the SDHSAA and Board of Directors have elected to table the discussion for now and wait until more information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic becomes available at a later time.

A special meeting will take place at a future date to discuss the events further.

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