Waking up and going to work each day is the norm for many of us. But, there are those days when you're attacked by a bug that keeps you down in bed or at home away from your coworkers. As some of us have experienced a hospital stay is definitely keeping you out of work and therefore you mark it down as a sick day.

For those of us in South Dakota the workforce seems to be stronger than many other states. At least when it comes to calling in sick.

South Dakota is one of the states that call in sick fewer times than any other state. Tied at 42 along with eight others we sit at the bottom of the barrel, according to Zippia.

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For those living in Minnesota and Iowa, well they have the sniffles a lot more. Where the tall corn grows in Iowa they come in at number three on the list. The Land of 10,000 Lakes ranks fourth.

If you are lucky enough to have a good immune system and can avoid picking up a coworker's cold or flu, or not having your kids spread the daycare maladies you are in a category many would envy.

Go ahead and raise your hand if you used a sick day when you were feeling perfectly fine. Yep, I thought so. Go ahead and raise your hand if you called in sick because of the weather. Uh-huh! Please stand up if you had to take a sick day after a late night out. Hmmmm!

Yes, we've all been there.

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