The Sioux Falls Regional Airport may not be one of the biggest hubs in the Midwest. However, airport management has been putting forth maximum effort to make traveling easier for Sioux Falls residents as well as for visitors just passing through the Sioux Empire. In case you haven’t noticed, many new amenities have been added to the airport.

If you're looking for a quick bite to eat or a little snack at the airport, the Sioux Falls Regional Airport has a new snack station to satisfy your travel appetite.

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This new food stand is conveniently located near Gate 5 of the Sioux Falls Regional Airport. From sandwiches and wraps, to protein bars and nutritious juices, the new Sioux Falls Regional Airport snack station is perfect for your grab-and-go needs.

There have been other impressive improvements taking place around the Sioux Falls Regional Airport. For one, the Sioux Falls Regional Airport authorities have made it a priority to get a parking garage built for customers using the transportation facility. Significant renovations have also been made within the airport including the implementation of new jet bridges that give passengers stunning views before they hop on a plane.

High-end updates have been added at each terminal gate as well. Renovations include easier access to gate attendants, microphones at each gate to provide passengers with the latest information about their flights, and new, comfortable seats while waiting to board the plane.


I was recently passing through the Sioux Falls Regional Airport and was pleasantly surprised! The operations team at the Sioux Falls Regional Airport has really made an effort to provide travelers with the best possible travel experience!


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