There is nothing like a good cup of coffee to start your day! However, that one “cup of Joe” can be getting rather expensive. In fact, don't be too surprised if you see coffee prices rising at the grocery store and at your favorite coffee shop.  Coffee is about to get a new "hot" price...probably too hot.

There are many factors involved that are driving up the cost of coffee beans, especially for farmers who have to grow them.  According to WBKO News, the price of coffee is over $1.00 per pound for the first time since 2014. The current price of coffee is hovering at $1.90 per pound. Coffee is at least $8.00 a bag when purchasing it at grocery stores across the country. A large cup of coffee is already close to $5.00 when purchasing that cup of java from a specialty shop.

So what does all this mean? What's brewing on the horizon for coffee lovers? Well for one, the drought during the summer months did not help this situation.

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WBKO News reports, "A sustained drought followed by two July frosts blew a hole in Brazil’s coffee output, immediately sending wholesale prices for the popular Arabica bean to more than $2 per pound. The frost will significantly affect the 2022-23 harvest." The COVID-19 pandemic also adversely affected the supply chains as well as the fact that transporting coffee beans across the country has been impacted due to the ongoing labor shortages. All of these factors singlehandedly indicate that coffee prices will rise.

In grocery stores, this price increase will likely happen in 2022 just because suppliers are predicting an increase in supply and demand. Smaller coffee joints like the smaller establishments in Sioux Falls could even see an increase in their prices just because of the increase in the price of coffee beans.

That one cup of coffee might taste good, however it may be eventually just a little bitter when it comes to your wallet. Ugh…

So for the time being, be sure to stop and savor every drop of that coffee flavor before purchasing that morning cup of coffee truly becomes a luxury!

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