Getting a DUI is bad. Getting a DUI without a valid license is worse. Getting a DUI without a license and driving over 100 miles per hour is really, really bad. But it can get worse.

Last Wednesday, January 12, according to, 19-year-old Milthon Francisco Montes Garcia of Sioux Falls was clocked in his 2003 BMW 325XI going 58 in a 35 mile-per-hour zone by a member of the Lyon County Sheriff's office. The deputy attempted to catch up to Montes Garcia, but it was traveling at over 100 miles per hour and the pursuit was ended.

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Sometime later, the deputy located Montes Garcia's vehicle at a vacant residence four miles east of Inwood. Inside the car, he found a bag of meth and a bunch of empty Modelo beer cans. (At least he has good taste in beer.)

The owner of the vacant property, who helped the deputy find the BMW, spotted Montes Garcia running out the side door of a building. The escape failed and so did resisting the arrest. Montes Garcia was taken into custody and found to have an odor of drinking booze and bloodshot eyes.

Montes Garcia was saddled with eight charges which included first-offense operating while under the influence; first-offense possession of a controlled substance — methamphetamine; possession of drug paraphernalia for a meth covered bill in his car; interference with official acts; two counts of speeding; driving without required high-risk insurance; driving while his license was denied, suspended, canceled or revoked.

If all that wasn't bad enough, Montes Garcia was wanted on five Lyon County warrants as well.

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