Sunday was definitely a "different" day around the NFL..

It all started with Kansas City tight end Travis Kelce getting ejected for pretending his towel was a flag and throwing it at a referee. Kelce was upset after being mugged by Jaguars Prince Amukamara and didn't receive a pass interference call.

He was first flagged for a comment that was directed towards the referee but then he took it a step farther..

The pro bowler Tweeted this picture out after the game and it actually does show that he was valid in being upset. Not sure if it was enough to throw a towel at the ref though. I'm assuming a hefty fine will be handed out for that one.

The Minnesota Vikings lost to the Detroit Lions and safety Harrison Smith got one heck of a stiff arm. Golden Tate proceed to flip into the end zone for the game winning touchdown.

A Lions fan account threw some major shade at Smith for getting absolutely planted by Tate and it was actually pretty funny. If you didn't know, people can actually edit Wikipedia and that's what someone obviously did.

We got to see Steelers kicker Chris Boswell perform the most impressive onside kick the league has ever seen. Everyone has blasted Boswell for this since then.

In the Steelers and Boswell's defense, he did perform this kick perfectly when he was in college..

Then there was a squirrel running all around Lambeau Field and people had a great time poking fun of the situation on Twitter. Green Bay had only scored 10 points when the squirrel ran through the end zone.

The game actually had to be stopped at one point because the squirrel was running around the back of the end zone when the Packers were on the 13 yard line.

For the Sunday Night game, Von Miller brought out some very unusual cleats and gloves for pregame warm ups. I don't know what it is with people having spikes on their clothing but apparently it's fashionable.

Then during the game, Raiders' punter Marquette King pinned the Broncos inside their own 10 and had a great celebration.

It was an interesting day to say the least, hopefully the NFL doesn't overreact to any of these situation because these things make the league fun and help engage fans throughout the day.

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