The South Dakota High School Activities Association's Basketball Advisory Committee has recommended changes that include switching from quarters to halves.

This year's Basketball Advisory Committee has developed multiple proposals to change different areas of the game. These are just discussions at this point. The advisory board would need to take an official vote to move them forward to activities directors of the member schools. If the discussions pass the activities directors, it would then move on to the SDHSAA Board of Directors for discussion and official vote. This is a long process that isn't done overnight.

Among the proposed changes include switching from the quarter's format to halves to match Minnesota, This would include all classes of basketball. Each half would be 18 minutes (which would add four minutes to each varsity game) with a 10-minute intermission. Subvarsity games would be played with a maximum of 14-minute halves. The advisory committee did include that if added time is an issue, they would be willing to keep the total game time of 32 minutes split between two 16-minute halves.

There is also a discussion about instituting the half-circle (restricted arc) for Class AA. The proposal has been brought forward by Brandon Valley's Brent Deckert and Roosevelt's Mitch Begeman. Much like the NBA and NCAA, if a defensive player is within the restricted zone and an offensive player makes contact with them, the offensive player cannot be called for a charge.

Other discussions include a slight change to the mercy rule for Class B and Class A in which free-throws would not stop the game clock. There is also a push to have the mercy rule in effect for all classes except for Class AA vs. Class AA contests. That would include Class AA vs. Class A games.

A full list of the proposals, including a change of start dates and first allowable contests, can be found through the SDHSAA. Again, these are just discussions and they need to be voted on to be sent to the activities directors. They would then have to pass through the activities directors and be sent to the SDHSAA Board of Directors before they would be put into effect.

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