Instant replay at the South Dakota high school football championships could soon become a reality.

The South Dakota High School Activities Association's Football Advisory Committee has recommended and voted unanimously to approve instant replay just for the state football championships this upcoming fall.

This does not mean that instant replay is 100% confirmed yet. The motion will now be sent to the activities directors for a vote, and if it passes there the bill would then be voted on by the SDHSAA Board of Directors.

The instant replay rules would be followed in conjunction with the Minnesota State High School League Prep Bowl guidelines. Replay would be used to review scoring plays, turnovers, any play that could have impacted the clock in the final two minutes of the half, or other scenarios such as a player stepping out of bounds, or if a catch was secured on a pass or interception.

Coaches would not be given the right to call for a challenge. All challenges would be called from the replay official and sent down to the field. If the play can be reviewed quickly, there won't be a stoppage of play and no announcement would be made.

There are multiple protocols that would be followed and many different scenarios that could potentially be reviewed. Full information about instant replay can be found through the SDHSAA.

Again, instant replay isn't confirmed yet but this is the first step for it to be implemented. The activities directors will vote on the motion in the future with a final vote taking place at the Board of Directors meetings in June.

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