The NHL has narrowed down their list of potential hub cities for the restart of the season and St. Paul is out as a finalist.

St. Paul was a original finalist but ESPN reported on Tuesday that the NHL had narrowed it down to six candidates to be hub cities.

The list had been quickly dwindling over the last few days with public reports of Columbus, Dallas and Pittsburgh being eliminated this week as well.

Las Vegas, Chicago, Los Angeles, Edmonton, Toronto and Vancouver are the current finalists.

It seems as if Las Vegas would be the reasonable front runner because of the public officials in the city opening up the Las Vegas Strip and making public pleas to bring work to the city.

Canada was originally a concern because of the two week quarantine process for international travel, but they announced that they would be allowing the NHL to quarantine internally so it would provide the opportunity for the league to play games their.

The Eastern and Western Conference playoffs will be played in two separate cities with the Stanley Cup Final being played in one of the two.

There will be no fans allowed to attend games as they adhere to the regulations of the CDC and local municipalities.

For more information on the current situation for the NHL and the league, visit their website.